Zircad Prime . IPs Ivocolor-IPs e.max MASTER COURSE

Zircad Prime . IPs Ivocolor-IPs e.max MASTER COURSE

With Mariano Maurizi

Aesthetics on teeth and gums - Two days course


  • Study, practice and progress on the construction of restorative prostheses for gums and teeth.
  • Ceramics applied on zirconium structure (first and second day)
  • Exploring the knowledge base and construction strategies for metal-free restorations.
  • A journey through the different techniques of individualization of highly aesthetic prostheses.



  • Analysis of the concepts of light and color.
  • Saturation, value and translucency contrasts
  • COVERED MAKEUP is a makeup technique covered by a thin layer of enamel, with which highly aesthetic and natural restorations are achieved with controlled reflection surfaces.
  • ADVANCED Gingival LAYERING, study of the different ceramic masses combining the bases of conventional layered construction with the contribution of saturated ceramic masses to achieve natural three-dimensional gums with control of contraction and expressiveness.
  • Additive texture technique, mechanical polishing.
  • The light in a practical and daily way, with effective exercises for the solution of questions in the determination of color.
  • External make-up and layering techniques.
  • Component and resultant analysis.
  • And the intervention of light-optic phenomena in the additive finish of the dental surface.
  • Additive macro and micro texture
  • Mechanical surface finishing.


1- theory of Light

2-morphology and design

3-dentogingival stratification


5-External makeup

6-finishing and mechanical polishing


Practice: Upper anterior 6-piece zirconia ceramic framework with an additional gingiva


Date: July 5th & 6th 2024
Duration: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on both days
Location: Smile Line Training Centre in St-Imier (Switzerland)
Course language: English
Cost for the two days : EUR 1850 (CHF 1700) coffee breaks and lunches, company dinner on Friday night